Dec 13th

Goddess in Hong Kong Makes Body Worship & body-to-body massage the Best Experience of My Sexual Life

Posted by Lena with 3 Comments

Last week when I was staying in Hong Kong for a business retreat, I had some time to myself. Walking the streets of Hong Kong was amazing, but what was more amazing still was the incredible number of beautiful Chinese girls everywhere I looked. It stirred something inside me and when I finished my workday and then returned to my hotel room, I decided to go online and find some companionship with my right hand. But, to my greatest fortune I stumbled across a service called Savoury Massage. I looked through the website and found myself incredibly aroused at the sight of insanely gorgeous girls. No, to be more correct, they were goddesses. Perfect bodies, succulent lips, faces so beautiful it made me throb inside. I called them, received quick, friendly help with my request – full body worship and interactive body-to-body massage - and in short order, I had one of these goddesses arrive at my hotel room.

When she walked in, my jaw basically hit the floor. She was petite. Her skin was milky white all over, except for cheeks which were rosy pink. It made her look like a demure little angel, always blushing. Her hair was shiny, raven black and spilled over her shoulders in looping waves. She reminded me of the type of doll that might sit high atop a shelf, never to be touched. But tonight was my chance to bring her down from the shelf and worship her, from head to toe; every square inch of her body. She smiled and bowed gracefully. She walked over to me and that was when the night began. I wanted to treat her with the respect her beauty and delicate body demanded. But I wanted to see her naked too. I realized that was why she there, of course, and I sat next to her on the bed.

I caressed her shoulders and kissed her neck. She opened herself to me utterly and allowed me to kiss her from head to toe. Literally, I put my lips on her forehead, her cheeks, her soft pink lips, and her neck. I worked my way down to her exquisite, perfectly formed breasts and I cupped them in my hand while kissing the tops, around her nipples and even the underside of her breasts. I trailed down her firm, flat stomach and felt myself getting so hard. Even thinking about it now is enough to arouse me. The memory of her body, her sweet smell, the softness of her skin. It was like I had hit the lottery and won a chance to worship the most lovely girl I had ever had the chance to be in the same room with. After I kissed her through her clothes, I really couldn’t bear to wait any longer. I asked her politely to remove her clothes and lay on the bed face up, with her legs spread apart. She knew I was there to worship her, so she did as I wished.

When she undressed and exposed herself to me for the first time, I couldn’t believe how amazing her body was. Perfect curves and amazing breasts. The sweet flair of her hips. And she was shaved. Her yoni was like an inviting flower. All I wanted to do was kissing her there and feel her grow more wet by the second. I moved toward her and gently massaged her body with lotion I found in the hotel room. As my fingers slid all over her body I was able to touch and caress her yoni. I kissed the mound and lapped her up. I asked her first if I could work myself while I did so. She approved and as I continued to worship her, I came in my own hand. What we did for the remainder of our hour together, I’ll keep to myself, but everyone should know that Savoury Massage an in particular, the interactive body to body massage cum body worship is by the far the most excellent service in China for men who love to worship and appreciate humanity’s finest beauties. If I could spend every hour of every day with one of these women, I probably would!

  1. Lomax
    Aug 11, 2014

    The best body to body massage I have ever had in my life. I will surely come back for this.

  2. Sullivan
    Sept 9, 2014

    A spectacular display of sumptuous treatment course. Rim, catbath, foot fetish, golden shower, interactive body to body name it, all performed with utmost hospitality.

    1. Johnny
      July 25 2014

      I would high recommend Maggie and Priyanka. They were really wonderful duo. Their service were mind blowing. Busty Priyanka's body-to-body massage was like no one else - so so so erotic. definitely not for the faint-hearted. Maggie's soaking yoni was so yummy and sweet...